Religion News Service story: Churches torn on allowing child molesters in pews

"Church officials and legal advocates are grappling with how — and if — people who’ve been convicted of sex crimes should be included in U.S. congregations, especially when children are present," says a Religion News Service article examining the issue of how churches are dealing with those convicted of child-related sexual crimes.

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5 thoughts on “Religion News Service story: Churches torn on allowing child molesters in pews

  1. Doesn’t the child molester need to hear the Gospel too? You know, in order to receive the forgiveness of sins won by Christ on the cross?

  2. Shane; I can’t find it on the link you show. Could the source be in error?

  3. Shane; I went to Religious News Service, which I assume was the original source, and I couldn’t find it there either. Would it be accurate to connect the court’s requirements in some cases to limit proximity to vulnerable children, and the churches complience to the court orders? The question then, would how can those found guilty of “abuse”, be ministered to? Would a public setting be forbidden by law, or could there be an exemption? Or, would a small group / private ministry be the only option? Those who are repentent need ministry probably more than the average attendant. I don’t look at this as Christians “looking down their noses” as much as being compliant with court orders.

  4. I think the organization that is trying to keep sex offenders out of the pew is really doing them a favor…The denominational world is so entrenched with the world and the huministic psychology profession that it really has nothing to offer…I suggest as the place to go for restoration with Christ as the soarce and the cross as the means…

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