Authors find spiritual messages in Spiderman movies

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A Religion News Service story talks to Adam Palmer, one of the authors of “The Soul of Spiderman.” The book “is a collection of bite-sized lessons, feeding off of Peter Parker’s heroic moments, misadventures and upside-down love life.” The authors “embark on a mission to weave together spiritual messages from the three Spiderman movies.”

Here’s an RNS Q&A with Palmer:

Q: How is this different than other “Gospel According to…” books?

A: This one would be different because this is the one that was written by us. (Laughs) When we view media we ask ourselves, “Where is the truth in this—what can this teach me about the gospel, or Christianity?” Jesus used parables as a means of imparting lessons. Many things are modern-day parables.

Q: If Spiderman wrote a section of the Bible, what would it be called?


A: I think probably Spiderman and the Apostle Paul would pretty much see eye to eye. Paul writes about inner turmoil and inner conflict. The things he wants to do, he knows he shouldn’t do them, and the things he doesn’t want to do, he knows he should. He has a keen understanding of the duality of mankind. I think Spidey would tap out some stuff like my man Paul.

Q: How many times did you read the comics, or watch the movies, for inspiration?

A: The book itself is only based on the three most recent motion pictures. That was kind of an intentional thing. I would say I watched the first Spiderman, probably, about 10 times, and the others about five or six.

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  1. That’s a joke right? “This one would be different because this is the one that was written by us” Really? The bible was written by some really bored person with a wild imagination. Give me a break!!!

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