Muslim group files lawsuit claiming Oklahoma measure violates the First Amendment

The Oklahoma chapter of a Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization has filed a lawsuit that “claims an anti-Islam state ballot measure (SQ 755) passed in Tuesday’s election violates the U.S. Constitution,” according to a press release from Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR’s press release says that “the measure would amend the Oklahoma state constitution to forbid judges from considering Islamic principles (Shariah) or international law when making a ruling.” Read more about the measure here.

The group claims that the measure “will prevent Oklahoma courts from implementing international agreements, honoring international arbitrations, honoring major international human rights treaties, honoring marriages and divorces from other countries, and will cost jobs by sending the message that contracts between Oklahoma companies and international partners will not be enforceable.”

Read the release here.

Read a “Tulsa World” article on the suit here.

2 thoughts on “Muslim group files lawsuit claiming Oklahoma measure violates the First Amendment

  1. If you are in USA you must abide by the USA laws. If you do not you must leave this country. Islam is a violent religion, all the terrorists are Muslims. This religion must be banned in USA.

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