Christian Post: Petition Asking Apple to Reinstate Christian App Gains Steam

 “A petition launched Thursday to protest Apple’s decision to remove an iPhone app opposing gay marriage is quickly gaining steam,” reports the “Christian Post.”

“The Manhattan Declaration app, which allowed Apple users to add their name to the ecumenical document in support of the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and religious liberty, was pulled from the App Store over the Thanksgiving holiday after a group of activists charged the app as anti-gay.”

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2 thoughts on “Christian Post: Petition Asking Apple to Reinstate Christian App Gains Steam

  1. “The petition addressed to Apple founder Steve Jobs and the company itself asserts that the positions espoused in the declaration are based on biblical Christianity. The letter rejects claims that the declaration promoted ‘hate’ or ‘homophobia.'”

    Being based on your interpretation of the Bible does not excuse it from being hateful or homophobic. Just because something is rooted in your religion does not give it a free pass in the realm of responsibility. You hate gays and want to deny them equal rights, fine. Just man up to it. If I’m not mistaken, personal responsibility is a rather strong tenet of the Christian faith as well.

  2. It always seems when Christians aren’t allowed to force their beliefs on others they wallow in self-perceived victimhood. And they’re among the first to forcibly attempt to remove the rights of others to live their lives as they choose if said lives don’t pass the muster of their superstition-based social engineering. And in this case, it most definitely is homophobic hatred despite their disingenuous denials. Such unsurpassed hypocrisy!

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