Fargo, Bismarck dioceses launch TV campaign to bring people back to church

A scene from the national TV advertisement, "Epic."

“The Bismarck Catholic Diocese will unveil a multifaceted welcome mat soon for those who have drifted away from the church,” according to an article from The Bismarck Tribune printed in today’s Forum.

“The ‘Catholics Come Home’ TV commercials will air statewide from Dec. 17 to Jan. 30 for both the Bismarck and Fargo dioceses; they are financed separately by each diocese.”

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One thought on “Fargo, Bismarck dioceses launch TV campaign to bring people back to church

  1. Um, first, might I suggest to ALL the churches, they might consider, Throwing out the mainline gospels of sexual perversion, then, bring Jesus Christ Back in. At that time, they “might” get some people to return.
    Until that happens however, people, including unbelievers, can’t see any difference from spending their morning at these perverted churches of men, and say, the local bar? With church elders and leaders going so sickeningly far as to put beds on the Alters God for months long sermonettes on sexual perversion, it’s clearly a matter that goes far beyond what a commercial can succeed at doing. SOMEONE, needs to rip in and rip up these houses of perversion and throw out all their new father satan filth and get back to say, teaching parents how to keep their children from being indoctrinated into a sexually perverse life? Toss out the cowards for Christ, bring back the true WORD OF GOD, and people might begin to see a reason to attend again!

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