Dickinson City Commission wants policy on religious symbols

The Dickinson City Commission is considering a policy regarding the display of religious symbols on city property, reports The Dickinson Press.

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One thought on “Dickinson City Commission wants policy on religious symbols

  1. Gee, talk about under reporting. More details please, what symbols and where?

    As long as the symbols are not placed in a location where they can interfere with all citizens accessing the government, it shouldn’t be a problem. An example of this is the 10 Commandments monument in the Town Square at City Hall. The Town Square is SUPPOSED to be an open space where ANYBODY can assemble to address the government of the City. This turns what is supposed to be a neutral secular space into a specifically christian religious space where non christians are not welcome.

    To outlaw all symbols is not only going against the spirit of the First Ammendment, but discourages diversity in the community. There is a place for everything, and good city leadership will make sure that everything is embraced within the community… even religious symbols of every belief.

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