Press release on Hawley Lutheran Church vote to exit the ELCA

The Forum’s Marino Eccher reported today that the Hawley Lutheran Church voted Sunday to leave the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Read that story here. Talk about it here.

Below is a press release sent by Rev. Jeff Teeples, pastor at Halwey Lutheran.

“At a special congregational meeting on Sunday December 19 Hawley Lutheran Church has voted to disaffiliate from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Our final vote passed by a 80% majority (239 for and 60 against). We are confident that God has led us as a congregation to this outcome for the sake of our mission. We are a group of sinners saved by grace and we are not perfect or even close. It grieves us that people have associated our decision to leave the ELCA with intolerance, contempt and bigotry, because these attitudes are not the attitude of Jesus who we follow and love and not the attitudes we teach or would want to exhibit. The decision to disaffiliate from the ELCA unites us to stand upon the Bible as the final authority in all matters of our faith and life and to proclaim Jesus as the Savior of the world. We look forward to being part of Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ and to serving our Lord, community and world into the future as we have in the past.”

3 thoughts on “Press release on Hawley Lutheran Church vote to exit the ELCA

  1. I left Hawley Lutheran but mostly I left the newly formed ELCA in 1987 when I realized this new church was not going to include the long held doctrine of the inerrancy and infallibility of scripture. Dropping this Lutheran doctine of old has led to all sorts of troubles as it has played out since 1987 and I am glad Hawley Lutheran my home churchhas taken this step. Not believing God’s Word is step one on the road to total apostasy.

  2. I agree with Hawley Lutheran. There are rights and wrongs. People nowadays veiw issues as gray areas, but according to the Bible alot of these issues are black or white.

  3. This subject re. ELCA is only a symptom of a much larger problem. Doctrinal integrity has become a thing of the past for them. With pulpit fellowship with the Methodists, Presbyterians, UCC, Moravians, and the Episcopal, the True Presence of the Body and Blood in Communion is denied, and they don’t even care! Just as long as they appear to be “a loving and caring community”. By being “non judgemental”, they have judged themselves to be indifferent to the words of Christ. This is nothing new. Luther, in discussion with Zwingli also had the same difference of opinion regarding scripture. Zwingli denied the real presence, while at the same time Luther tooks Christs words,”This is my body” as a fact. Luther said that “Is means is in any language”. Not “A spiritual , memorial, or this means”. By natural extension, the core of the problem with the ELCA is it’s approach to scripture. Their approach is radical “historical critical”, as verses historical / grammatical critical. The former asks the question: How can this be, whereas the later asks the question; What does this mean. This error affects the entirety of Doctrine, and makes it vulnerable to the current zeitgeist. The ELCA has no credability in regard to their claim of being Lutheran. They have completely abrogated the Lutheran Confessions,(The book of Concord). (That which their constitution subscribes to.) In practice, they could just as well become Unitarian, as well could those who they have pulpit fellowship with. Congrats to those that have left with integrith.

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